Give today to support single mothers in Greeley, Colorado.

We partner with vulnerable women to provide a path to healthy independence.

Give today to support single mothers in Greeley, Colorado. image

We partner with vulnerable women to provide a path to healthy independence.

Together, you can help our families in our community!

Our community understands that when a woman and her children have safe housing and food, her mind is free to begin exploring opportunities for growth and change.

Kylie pulls the car into a quiet alley hidden away from the lights on main street. Turning off the engine she pulls a blanket out from the reusable grocery bag on the passenger floorboard. Covering her 2 year old, Eli, in his car seat she reclines the driver side seat and lays quietly. She finds herself praying to a God she doesn't know well for a solution. Admittedly not an angel herself, she couldn't stay with her boyfriend anymore. He was always apologetic the day after but the bruises were lasting longer and longer. The pot stash was always full but they rarely had enough food and diapers.

She thinks frustratingly, "I have no job, no childcare, no money and no family. The county will take him from me if I ask for help. We belong together."

The next morning she walks into the rec center with Eli on her hip to go take a shower. Stopping at the bulletin board she sees a "Home for Single Moms" flier and starts to read. Low cost Program Fee,help with public assistance, no cost housing, education support, employment screening, counseling, family advocacy, community meals etc. It's too good to be true for sure but why not call?

If Kylie is accepted into the program after a 4 week interview process she begins a multi-year journey of healing, growth and stability. She consistently meets with her family advocate, counselors and live-in residential advisor. Kylie receives care based on her level of need regarding poverty, education, addiction, employment and trauma.

She has joined a program that is designed to help her leave poverty and homelessness permanently. This changes not only the life of Kylie and her son but also other women like her.

When you give to Genesis, you help provide a safe home for vulnerable women like Kylie. Your donations help provide for basic needs but also allow her to join a charted course for lasting success!

Start giving today!

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Enjoy getting to know some of the ladies like Kylie who we have had the opportunity to serve in the video below!